About us

Underdog Protocol is an API  that enables developers and startups to seamlessly integrate web3 into their product or workflow to enhance user experiences.

We’re building a data-rich blockchain by giving digital assets superpowers to enrich experiences built on Solana.

Why we started

We started building on Solana in early 2022 as a Social Token Platform for anybody to invest in people they believe in, pivoted to a Community Reputation platform, and pivoted to the API we are now.

Along the way, we've won the Solana Grizzlython Hackathon as Grand Champions and are key to Solana.

Our mission

Our mission is to turn Solana into the most data rich blockchain. Web3's key value props are interoperability & composability. Digital Assets enable cheap storage of data on-chain. By utilizing digital assets, we believe we are able to bring user data & more on-chain to create true user owned experiences.

Fun Facts

Since we started building consumer applications - we have a knack for them. You can find tools built on Underdog under templates, create generative art, Tony will airdrop you SOL! 

Chat with our Team

“Only on Solana.”

Kevin & Tony | Underdog Team

Keep Digital Assets Simple

Eliminate the headaches of using fragmented tools +  the cost of starting from scratch.

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