This is very bare-bones. I will be continuously updating with code scripts, flow charts, etc.

  1. Project Title: Solana Weekly News NFT
  2. Project Summary: A weekly newsletter that compiles and highlights the latest news from the Solana ecosystem in the form of a compressed NFT, allowing subscribers to receive an engaging visual summary of the week’s events.
  3. Business Use Case: Providing an innovative and engaging way for users to stay updated on the latest Solana news, while promoting the adoption of NFTs and fostering interest in the Solana ecosystem.
  4. Problems Addressed: Simplifying the process of consuming weekly news updates on Solana by delivering them in a unique, visually appealing, and easily digestible format.
  5. Persona: Solana enthusiasts, blockchain and cryptocurrency investors, developers, and anyone interested in staying informed about the Solana ecosystem.
  6. API Integration Steps:

Create Underdog Protocol account.

Collect relevant Solana news from various sources (e.g., blogs, social media, news websites).

Create a visual summary (Infographic) of the news using Canva or Figma (e.g., a collage, infographic, or animation).

Convert the visual summary into a compressed NFT using the API.

  • Create Project
  • Name
  • Description
  • Image

Distribute the NFT to newsletter subscribers.

  • Send via Wallet
  • Send via Claim Link by connecting to apps via Underdog Plug-Ins

7. Tools & Technologies:

  • Underdog Protocol API (for NFT integration)
  • JavaScript or TypeScript (for frontend development)
  • React or Angular (for web app framework)
  • Suitable backend technology (e.g., Node.js, Django)
  • Database system (e.g., MongoDB, PostgreSQL)
  • Web scraping tools or APIs for collecting news on Solana

8. Samples of getting Started on Underdog :

9. User Flows


  1. Sign up Via Airtable Form
  • Email Address

2. Receive Email with Newsletter

  • Image of NFT
  • Infographic with Top 5 Stories on Solana
  • Claim Link to mint compressed NFT
  • “ Hey, here’s the picture of this weeks newsletter. What do you think? If you’d like to own this — you can claim it as a Compressed NFT. Here’s a link for you to claim”

3. Claim NFT

4. Surface + Search xRAY Link

  • Refresh Claim Link to Show Minted NFT on X-ray



  • Send NFT
  • Capture Email (with link)
  • Update Mint Address on Form

Underdog Protocol

  • Create Project
  • Create NFT
  • Create Claim Link
  • Generate Mint Address (X-ray Link)


  • Create Inforgaphic


  1. Create Inforgraphic
  2. Setting up Airtable Automation

3. Create Underdog Protocol Project

  • Create NFT for each Week within Underdog

4. Test Sending of Email

5. Set Reminder to change automation each week

Additional Resources