Getting Started on Dropping to Saga Genesis Holders using Underdog Protocol 

Saga Genesis Token powered by Underdog Protocol

Fun Fact: We’re powering the Saga Genesis Token via the Underdog Protocol Minting API. It’s the first NFT of its kind, highlighting Solana’s power users, enabling powers + rewards, and showcasing the power of Solana. 

We’re building a set of APIs and tools that make it very easy for any builder to send compressed NFTs(and tokens) to holders of the Saga Genesis. All of this is built using our Minting API. We will dive into this in the guide, but first, what is Underdog Protocol?

What is Underdog Protocol?

Underdog Protocol is a set of APIs and tools  that enables developers and startups to seamlessly integrate digital assets into their product or workflow to enhance user experiences via our Minting and Wallet API.

We’re building a data-rich blockchain by giving developers superpowers to build experiences with digital assets on Solana. 🤝

We work with teams like Solana Mobile, SuperteamDAO, Solflare Wallet, Metaplex, and more.

Airdropping cNFTs with the Same Artwork 

Introducing our Solana airdrop tool, designed to mint and batch airdrop images carrying identical metadata to a specific group of holders, updated in real-time. In just three steps, you can execute an airdrop:

  1. Select the List you want to Airdrop (e.g., Saga Genesis Holders).
  2. Create your NFT (image, description, royalties, etc.).
  3. Airdrop & Manage in Dashboard.

Curious about what's been airdropped? Items like Pixel Sharky, GM:SM, and Saga Punks were delivered using this Solana airdrop tool. For a demonstration, check out our tweet or video

Check out the tweet or video for a demo. 

Creating a Whitelisted Storefront with the Same Artwork 

Opting out of airdrops? Embed a mint on your site or send a custom, whitelisted link for collections such as Saga Genesis Tokens. This no-code process mirrors the simplicity and effectiveness of our airdrop tool, utilizing 'semi-fungible' compressed NFTs for easy minting and claiming.

  • Select total amount of NFTs (2500 max right now) 
  • Create Collection to Airdrop 
  • Set Price (free option as well) 
  • Whitelist to a certain collection (optional) 
  • Mint & Send Link

If you want a video or ready to get started see the video & get started by connecting your wallet.

Mint and Airdrop cNFTs with Generative Artwork

We did the Saga Punks drop. Our infrastructure is expanding to support high-quality experiences consistently. Ready with your art & metadata? We're here to assist with your drop immediately. Our API is designed to accommodate cNFT drops of various images and large volumes effortlessly. Experiment for free on devnet and connect with us for further assistance.