In the competitive landscape of digital assets, engaging a broader audience and enhancing community involvement are crucial milestones for success. This case study explores how strategic airdrops of digital assets using Dust, our innovative Solana airdrop tool designed for compressed NFTs (cNFTs), specifically targeted holders associated with @mckeySOL and @SillyDragonSol, were utilized to significantly increase the number of unique holders within the @solanamobile community.


  • To expand the community base for new digital tokens by engaging existing enthusiasts in the Solana ecosystem.
  • To measure the effectiveness of targeted airdrops in increasing unique holder counts.
  • To provide a blueprint for similar initiatives aiming to leverage digital assets for community growth through the use of Solana NFTs.


The approach centered on selecting digital assets with potential appeal to the @solanamobile holder community. The expectation was that these airdrops, facilitated by our Solana airdrop tool, would not only reward current community members but also incentivize further engagement and interest in the airdropped tokens.


  • Selection of Assets: The assets chosen for airdrops were @mckeySOL and @SillyDragonSol tokens, deemed attractive to the existing @solanamobile holders and exemplary of compressed NFTs on Solana.
  • Targeted Airdrop: These tokens were distributed using Dust by Underdog Protocol directly to the wallets of @solanamobile holders, ensuring that the recipients were already engaged in the Solana ecosystem and likely to appreciate the value of the new tokens.


  • @mckeySOL Airdrop: This initiative led to a staggering 300% increase in unique holders, significantly broadening the token's community and enhancing its visibility within the Solana ecosystem.
  • @SillyDragonSol Airdrop: The distribution resulted in an 80% increase in unique holders, demonstrating a successful engagement strategy, albeit with a less pronounced impact compared to @mckeySOL.


The remarkable growth in unique holders for both tokens illustrates the effectiveness of well-planned airdrop campaigns using a dedicated Solana airdrop tool. The choice of @solanamobile holders as the target audience was strategic, leveraging an existing community's interest to foster engagement with new Solana NFTs. The differing results between the two tokens highlight the importance of the asset's appeal to the target community, suggesting that the perceived value or utility of the airdrop influences the level of engagement and subsequent community growth.


This case study reaffirms the value of targeted airdrops as a powerful tool for community engagement and growth within the blockchain ecosystem. By carefully selecting digital assets and strategically distributing them to an engaged audience, projects can significantly enhance their visibility and appeal, especially when leveraging the efficiency and scalability of compressed NFTs on Solana.

Recommendations for Future Projects

  • Audience Research: Understand the interests and preferences of your target community to select the most appealing assets for airdrops, focusing on the unique advantages of compressed NFTs and Solana NFTs.
  • Strategic Planning: Align airdrop campaigns with broader marketing and engagement strategies to maximize impact, utilizing tools like Dust for efficient distribution.
  • Evaluation and Adaptation: Monitor the results of airdrop campaigns to refine and improve future initiatives, tailoring approaches based on what works best for engaging the target audience with innovative Solana NFT strategies.

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