NFT LoyaltyPlus

Summary: A loyalty and rewards platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Integrates with POS  or Shopify to issue NFTs based on customer activity.

Business Use Case: Boost customer loyalty and provide insights into customer behavior.

Problems Addressed: Modernizes loyalty programs through NFTs, transaction fees are high, businesses do not own their distribution customer lists, etc.

Persona: SMB owners + marketing teams within QSRs (cafe, restaurants, etc.

Steps to use Underdog Protocol: 

Minting NFTs

  • Create Project: ” [ Business name] Loyalty + Rewards NFT” 
  • Mint #1 NFT: You can do this in the dashboard or with the API by calling the POST /NFT endpoint

You can visit our documents to see how to do this in depth.

Updating NFTs

  • PATCH Update: [Project ID] + NFT with either metadata, image, or name change.

You are able to 1:1 user to NFT through our indexing system to a merchants POS system.

Integrating into POS

We have a square integration which works as follows:

” When  user A enters their email/phone number, send them a link for an NFT” 
” When user A returns and enters their email/phone number AND purchases, update their NFT with X points or update their image”

Please DM the team to use this, check it out here: