The digital landscape is continuously shifting, and the recent surge in web3 technologies has ushered in a new era of possibilities. Among the most captivating trends in this space is the ability to mint compressed NFTs directly to email addresses. This breakthrough offers an innovative way for individuals and businesses alike to ‘airdrop’ or send NFTs to potential recipients, adding a personalized touch to the decentralized world.

Why Mint to Email Addresses?

1. Personal Touch: Email addresses are often closely tied to an individual’s identity. By minting NFTs to specific email addresses, companies and creators can ensure a personalized experience for the recipient.

2. Expanded Accessibility: Not everyone is familiar with blockchain wallets or addresses. By linking NFTs to email addresses, the barriers to entry are significantly lowered, allowing a broader audience to participate in the world of NFTs.

3. Seamless Airdrops: For promotional campaigns, product launches, or giveaways, minting NFTs to email addresses allows for effortless distribution, ensuring the right individuals receive the designated digital asset.

Revolutionary Use Cases Unleashed

1. Digital Event Tickets: Organizers can mint exclusive NFT tickets for concerts, art exhibits, or conferences directly to the attendees’ email addresses. These NFTs can serve both as proof of purchase and a unique digital collectible from the event.
2. Personalized Marketing Campaigns: Brands can craft custom NFTs representing limited-time offers or exclusive content and airdrop them to their subscribers’ emails, elevating the standard promotional email.
3. Education and Certification: Institutions can mint certificates or digital badges as NFTs and send them to students’ email addresses upon course completion, providing an immutable record of their achievement.
4. Loyalty and Reward Programs: Businesses can reward loyal customers by minting exclusive NFT rewards or discounts directly to their email addresses, adding a new dimension to traditional loyalty programs.
5. Exclusive Content Access: Media companies or influencers can mint NFTs that grant access to premium content, sending them directly to the email addresses of subscribers or premium members.

Creating Email-Linked NFTs with Underdog Protocol

The process of minting compressed NFTs to email addresses is made simple and intuitive with the Underdog Protocol on the Solana blockchain. Here’s a quick guide:

1. Visit: Begin by navigating to
2. Create NFT: Dive into the platform’s user-friendly interface to initiate your NFT creation.
3. Set Receiver Object: This is where the magic happens. Go to the ‘receiver object’ option.
• Namespace: By default, you can set this to ‘public’ unless you have a specific namespace in mind.
• Identifier: This will be the recipient’s email address, ensuring the NFT is linked directly to them.

With just these steps, you’re set to mint a unique, compressed NFT that can be claimed by the intended email recipient.


The fusion of traditional communication methods like email with the pioneering world of NFTs opens doors to endless possibilities. Underdog Protocol’s feature to mint NFTs to email addresses not only democratizes access but also paves the way for innovative marketing and engagement strategies in the web3 realm.