Creating an NFT on your iPhone is now possible with the Underdog API and Apple Shortcuts. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to mint your own NFT from a photo on your phone:


  • iPhone with Apple Shortcuts installed
  • Underdog API Key (you can generate one on their dashboard)


Generating an Image

Step 1: Generating an Image URL The Underdog API requires an image URL to create an NFT. To get the URL for a photo on your phone, you can upload it to Imgur. Make sure to convert the photo to JPEG or PNG and toggle the settings to “Upload Anonymously” to get the Direct Link.

Step 2: Prompting a Name for Your NFT You can use Apple Shortcuts to prompt the user for a name for the NFT. This will give you all the variables you need to create the NFT.

Using the API

Step 3: Creating the NFT with the Underdog API Using the name and image URL from the previous steps, you can now POST to the NFT endpoint on the Underdog API. Remember, you’ll need your API Key for this step. The API request will return the mint address, which is the unique identifier for the NFT, that you can use to view on a block explorer like SolScan.

And there you have it, a three-stop process to mint your own NFTs on your iPhone.

If you want to test the final version of the Apple Shortcut, you can add it to your phone using the instructions provided in the article, generate an API key in our dashboard, and click here to download it.

For more information on creating NFTs, you can check out the “Further Reading” section in the beginning of the article.