Teams like SuperteamDAO + DeansListDAO trust us with handling their Memberships NFTs. What makes them special? They’re Non-Transferable NFTs, they’re bound to a users account. Since they’re dynamic in nature (metadata + image updates) teams can use this a fun gamified asset for their users since users CAN not transfer them.

Note: Users MUST claim Underdog SBTs for security reasons , we’ve made the decision to enable users to claim these NFTs. Imagine just being dropped non-transferable NFTs.. ooof.

Here is an example of how Superteam Uses it:

Superteam Reputation > Members XP based on Contributions


  • Airtable


  • Bring it on-chain & give to member as a ‘resume’


  • Uses Underdog API to mint NFTs + Webhooks to connect to Airtable