Hey there!
I'm Tony, a co-founder of Underdog Protocol, the most straightforward platform for creating, managing, and distributing digital assets on Solana. Today, I'm thrilled to guide you through the initial steps of getting started with Underdog. So, are you ready? Let's dive in!

Step 1: Signing In

First things first, let's get you onto the platform. You have two straightforward options to begin:

Once there, you're greeted with two sign-in methods:

  • Wallet Sign-In: Choose from a variety of wallets. For this tutorial, I'll use Phantom. Simply select your wallet, and sign the message to proceed.
  • Gmail Sign-In: Alternatively, you can sign in using your Gmail account.

Step 2: Dashboard Onboarding

After signing in, you'll land on the dashboard. Here, you can opt to add credits to your account or start for free. For demonstration purposes, we'll start for free.

Next, you'll name your organization (I've chosen "Death Net") and officially enter the Underdog dashboard.

Understanding the Dashboard

Before creating your first project, let's explore the dashboard's tabs:

  • Projects: This tab houses all your collections.
  • Domains: Here, you manage embedded wallets (covered in a future series).
  • Tokens Dashboard: Create and manage your tokens here.
  • Developer Settings: Access API keys, webhooks, and more technical settings.
  • Settings Tab: View billing, team members, usage stats, and other administrative details.
  • Tools: Discover powerful tools like the storefront tool for minting digital assets, mass airdrop tool for distributing NFTs at scale without code, and access our comprehensive documentation.

Additionally, the Org section resembles a Google org, allowing you to invite team members and collaborate on projects.

Next Steps

Now that you're familiar with the dashboard, we'll proceed by adding credits to your account, exploring the developer tab, adjusting settings, and finally, creating your first project.

Stay Tuned: This is just the beginning of our journey at Underdog University. Follow along as we dive deeper into utilizing Underdog Protocol to its fullest potential in upcoming episodes. See you next time!