Welcome back to Underdog University! In Episode 1, we introduced you to the dashboard and what you could expect from your first experience. Now, in Episode 2, we're taking a deeper dive into creating a project on Devnet and adding credits to your account. This guide is designed to make development easy for you, so let's get started.

Step 1: Accessing the Dashboard

First things first, head over to the dashboard. This is where all your projects will be managed.

Step 2: Creating Your First Devnet Project

  1. Start a New Project: Look for an option to create a new project and select it. For this example, we'll name our project "Underdog AI Art".
  2. Use a Sample Project: If you're following along, you can mimic the project setup using "Beagle" as a placeholder or any other sample you prefer.

Creating a project on Devnet is straightforward and cost-free. Think of it as creating a draft to familiarize yourself with the platform or to test an NFT concept without any charges.

Step 3: Understanding Project Details

Upon creating your project, you'll notice several important details:

  • Project ID: Essential for future reference.
  • Collection Mint Address: Check this on-chain to confirm creation.
  • Snapshot Creation: For tracking all holders you send to.
  • Project Settings: Update royalties, names, descriptions, URLs, and withdraw royalties.

Step 4: Minting an NFT

  • Create a digital asset within your project. If you encounter any UI glitches, don't worry, it's a common hiccup.
  • Once initiated, the NFT minting will pend before being confirmed on-chain.

Step 5: Adding Credits to Your Account

  1. Switch to Mainnet: This can be done through the toggle in your account settings or directly within the billing section.
  2. Payment Options: Add credits via cryptocurrency or credit card. You can fill up your balance using Google Pay as well.
  3. Understand Pricing: Devnet is free, but creating an NFT project and minting within that collection has associated costs. A quick example: 500 NFTs at 3 cents each plus one project fee results in an $18 total cost for 100 NFTs and one collection.

Step 6: Completing the Credit Top-Up

  1. Choose the amount to add (e.g., $5) and select your wallet for confirmation.
  2. Make sure you have both Solana (for gas and transaction fees) and USDC (for the actual balance).
  3. Once you receive a confirmation message, refresh the page to switch to Mainnet properly.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should have successfully added credits to your account and have a clear understanding of how to create and manage NFTs using the Underdog dashboard. Stay tuned for Episode 3, where we'll delve into developer settings to further ease your development process.

Congratulations on completing Episode 2 of Underdog University! You're now ready to dive into the world of NFT creation and management with confidence.