Welcome to Episode 3 of Underdog University. Tony, one of the co-founders, guides you through using the Developer and Settings tabs in the Underdog dashboard, aiming to simplify your experience as a developer. Let's break down the steps for both sections.

Developer Tab Walkthrough

  1. Generate API Key: Navigate to the Developers tab to generate a new API key. It’s crucial to store this key securely; for example, in encrypted notes.
  2. API Access: Use your API key to access the Underdog API, facilitating the creation and management of your NFT projects.
  3. Transaction Monitoring: The Developers tab allows you to monitor on-chain transactions, retry failed transactions, and view logs for troubleshooting.
  4. Utilizing Webhooks: Learn to set up webhooks for automating tasks, like syncing with other applications or triggering actions based on form submissions.

Setting Up Your Organization

  1. Access Settings Tab: Here, you can manage your organization’s details, including adding new members and adjusting organization settings.
  2. Adding Team Members: Add individuals to your organization to collaborate on NFT projects. You'll need their wallet address to add them as a member.
  3. Usage Insights: View daily usage stats to manage your resource allocation effectively and make informed decisions about credit usage and project management.

Summary of Key Points

  • Developer Tools: Generating API keys, transaction monitoring, and integrating webhooks to streamline your development workflow.
  • Organization Management: Adding team members, customizing organization settings, and tracking usage to optimize project development.

This episode empowers developers with the tools and knowledge to efficiently manage their NFT projects and organizations within the Underdog Protocol.

What's Next?

Stay tuned for Series 2, where we dive deeper into creating and managing NFTs using the Underdog dashboard. This next step will build upon what you've learned, focusing on practical application and advanced management techniques.