Welcome to the next installment of Underdog University, where Tony, one of the co-founders, introduces you to the simplicity of creating and managing NFT collections through the Underdog's no-code dashboard. This guide will cover creating both NFT and semi-fungible collections, performing air drops, and managing your NFTs.

Starting with NFT Collections

  1. Access the Dashboard: Go to app.underdogprotocol.com and log in to your account.
  2. Creating Your Project: Select whether to create an NFT or a semi-fungible collection based on your needs:
    • NFT Collection: Choose this for unique items with different images and metadata.
    • Semi-Fungible Collection: Opt for this if you plan to use the same image and metadata across items, ideal for mass air drops.

Creating an NFT Project

  1. Name Your Project: For example, "University Test".
  2. Upload Your Image: Select an image that will represent your NFT collection.
  3. On-Chain Creation: Click create to mint your project on-chain, using the credits from your account.

Minting and Managing NFTs

  1. Create an Individual NFT: Once your collection is set up, you can start adding NFTs to it. Choose an image and mint it to a specific wallet.
  2. Refreshing Dashboard: If the process seems slow, refreshing the dashboard can help check the progress.

Creating a Semi-Fungible NFT Project

  1. Start the Creation Process: Similar to the NFT collection, but ensure the project is marked as semi-fungible.
  2. Upload and Mint: Upload a CSV file with wallet addresses to which you will air drop the NFTs, ensuring each receives the semi-fungible token.

Final Steps and Verification

  • Verify on Chain: Use tools like Solana's explorer to confirm the minting of your NFTs.
  • Check Your Wallet: Look for the newly created NFTs in your wallet to confirm the successful creation and distribution.

This process showcases how Underdog enables the creation of both custom and semi-fungible NFT collections without needing to write code, making it accessible for creators of all technical backgrounds.

What's Next?

As you become more familiar with these tools, exploring further capabilities of Underdog's platform will enable you to leverage NFTs for various purposes, from community engagement to digital art collections.