Managing your compressedNFT collections efficiently is crucial for creators looking to leverage their digital assets for community engagement, airdrops, or simply keeping their compressed NFT collections updated. Here's how you can manage your NFTs on Underdog Protocol, as demonstrated by Tony, one of the co-founders.

Creating a Snapshot of NFT Holders

  1. Navigate to the Underdog Dashboard: Go to and log in to access your dashboard.
  2. Select Your Compressed NFT Collection: Locate the CompressedNFT collection for which you want to create a snapshot. In this example, it's the "Gary wants my coins" NFT.
  3. Create the Snapshot:
    • Choose to get the owners, a unique list, or a hash list of your NFT holders.
    • For a general overview, selecting "unique owners" is recommended.
    • Wait for the snapshot to generate, which may take a few minutes.
    • Download the snapshot as a CSV file for your records or further actions, such as planning another airdrop or creating a custom storefront.

Updating NFT Images and Metadata

  1. Access NFT Settings: Within the dashboard, navigate to the settings of the NFT collection you wish to update.
  2. Make Your Updates: Here, you can:
    • Update Project Information: Adjust overarching details about your NFT project.
    • Duplicate and Update an Individual NFT: Choose an NFT to duplicate and update, then send it to an existing wallet.
    • Modify NFT Attributes: Change details like date, weight, class, and any other metadata associated with your NFTs.
  3. Verify Updates:
    • It may take some time for changes to reflect on-chain and in the dashboard.
    • Use a on-chain explorer like Solana's to confirm the updates have been successfully recorded.

This episode showcases how Underdog Protocol streamlines the process of managing NFT collections, making it simple for creators to maintain and update their digital assets.