Tony, co-founder of Underdog Protocol, demonstrates the process of creating, managing, and distributing both metadata and non-transferable tokens on the Solana blockchain through the Underdog dashboard.

Step 1: Creating a Token

  1. Access the Dashboard: Navigate to and log in.
  2. Navigate to the Tokens Tab: Select 'Token 22' as the type of token you wish to create, noting that SPL tokens are coming soon.
  3. Create Your Token:
    • Choose a name for your token, like "Solana isn't going to happen Solana".
    • Select an image for your token, opting for something that represents your token's concept or purpose.
    • Decide whether the token will be transferable or soulbound (non-transferable).
    • Set the decimals for your token. Nine decimals is standard, indicating how much the token can be subdivided.

Step 2: Managing and Distributing Your Token

  1. Select a Token to Manage: Choose from the list of tokens you’ve created. For example, manage "Underdog belly".
  2. Distribution Options:
    • Decide how many tokens to distribute to each wallet.
    • Perform single sends to individual wallets or use a CSV list for mass distribution to multiple wallets.
    • Specify the token amount for each recipient, and execute the distribution.

Additional Tips:

  • Be Patient with the UI: Blockchain operations might take a while to reflect in the user interface.
  • Verify Transactions: Successful payment messages indicate that the transaction will likely go through. Use blockchain explorers to confirm transactions on-chain.

Key Features of Token Management on Underdog:

  • Creation and Customization: Easy token creation with customizable features like name, image, transferability, and divisibility.
  • Flexible Distribution: Options for both single and mass token distributions, facilitating broad and targeted engagements.
  • Transparency and Control: Tools to renounce minting authority and ensure no further tokens can be created, enhancing trust and stabilit