Underdog provides a comprehensive set of APIs for digital asset management, including compressed NFTs. Their documentation, hosted on Readme, is interactive and developer-friendly, allowing for straightforward project and compressed NFT creation, minting to wallets or emails, and metadata updates.

Generating an API Key

  1. Access Underdog's Developer Section: Navigate to the developer's section on the Underdog platform to generate a new API key.
  2. Secure Your API Key: Copy and store your API key in a secure location for future use.

Creating a Project

  1. Navigate to the Projects Tab: Enter your API key to start interacting with the API.
  2. Check Your Credits: Ensure you have sufficient credits for the demo or actual implementation.
  3. Create a New Project: Use the documentation to send a request to create a new project. Include details like the project name, description, and an image URL. Decide on the fungibility of your project (true for semi-fungible, false otherwise).

Minting a Compressed NFT

  1. Mint to a Wallet or Email: Follow the guide to mint a compressed NFT within your project to a specific wallet or an email address. You'll need the project ID and details for the compressed NFT, such as name and image URL.
  2. Verify the Minting Process: Check your dashboard tied to the API key and wallet to confirm the compressed NFT has been created and minted as intended.

Updating Compressed NFT Metadata

  1. Select a Compressed NFT to Update: Choose a compressed NFT within your project for updating.
  2. Send Update Request: Using the documentation, send a request to update the compressed NFT's metadata or image. You will need the compressed NFT's ID and the new details you wish to apply.

Additional Features

  • Burning Compressed NFTs: Learn how to remove a compressed NFT from circulation by sending a burn request. Note that certain conditions, like delegation, must be met for this action.
  • Exploring Popular Endpoints: The documentation covers various endpoints for transferring, burning, and creating snapshots of compressed NFTs, along with support for different compressed NFT types and features.


Underdog's interactive documentation offers a powerful toolset for developers to create, manage, and distribute compressed NFTs and other digital assets with ease. By following the steps outlined in the docs, users can leverage Underdog's API for a wide range of functionalities, enhancing their digital asset management capabilities.