Mass Airdropping Compressed NFTs with Dust

  1. Understanding Dust: Dust is Underdog's tool for mass sending compressed NFTs and tokens to target specific communities efficiently.
  2. Pricing Plans: Choose between Basic and Pro plans based on your needs (e.g., ad campaigns vs. tradeable compressed NFTs).
  3. Selecting Your Audience: You can pick from featured lists for targeted communities or upload your custom list of holders.
  4. Creating Your Compressed NFT: Define the compressed NFT to be airdropped by setting the name, selecting an image, and adding a description to engage your audience.
  5. Finalizing the Airdrop: Decide on the airdrop's nature (Basic or Pro), then select your wallet to start the airdropping process.

Setting Up a Storefront for Compressed NFTs

  1. Creating a Shop: Similar to creating an airdrop, setting up a shop for compressed NFTs follows a straightforward process.
  2. Whitelisting: An additional feature for shops is the ability to whitelist specific communities, enhancing the exclusivity of your offer.
  3. Configuring Your Storefront: Specify the number of compressed NFTs, set a price (e.g., 2 SOL each), and decide on the royalties. Whitelist specific groups to target, like Solana Monkey Business holders.
  4. Launching Your Storefront: Connect your wallet and pay for the setup to make your storefront live.
  5. Claiming Process: Once live, eligible users can connect their wallets and claim the compressed NFTs from your storefront.

Example Use Cases

  • Super Team Ecosystem Call: Participants received POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols) created with Dust.
  • Pixel Sharkies & Saga Punks: These projects utilized Dust to engage their communities.

Insights on Engagement

  • Utilizing Dust and shops has significantly increased holder counts for various projects by targeting specific communities with tailored offering