Video NFTs

From dashboard you can go through the setup:

  • 1. Create project - the animation URL would be your video. Easiest way to get a URL would be to upload to imgur and the thumbnail you can upload as an image on the site.
  • 2. Be sure to open advanced and toggle semifungible to true
  • 3. On the project page, you'll be able to hit the + button and then either add the wallet addresses or drop a csv of all the wallets

Purpose of Video NFTs: A lots of creators use Video to create their content, we want to fit into it. We've worked with teams like Rapossa Coffee, Layer3, Solflare Wallet and others on video based experiences

Check out an end to end example here on Twitter and Loom.

Here is proof of a video NFT on-chain (note that it will be a video in the wallet & still image In xray) see example here.