It’s a known fact that a staggering 9 out of 10 companies are running a customer loyalty program. The goal? Transforming occasional shoppers into brand advocates, slashing customer acquisition costs, and pumping up the bottom line. However, the cookie-cutter approach of today’s loyalty programs often misses the mark. They operate in centralized, closed ecosystems with stiff redemption processes, leaving customers feeling alienated. Alarmingly, nearly 85% of loyalty points go untouched. There’s a clear gap, and that’s where the dynamic world of web3 strides in. But how does web3 make paid loyalty programs better? Let’s check it our

Stepping into the realm of web3 unlocks a treasure trove of features for loyalty programs. Unlike their web2 counterparts, web3 loyalty programs are all about interoperability. Imagine earning points from one brand and seamlessly redeeming them with another - that’s the magic of blockchain. Moreover, the immutable nature of web3 brings transparency to the table. No more arbitrary devaluation of points! And let’s not forget personalization. By understanding on-chain activities, brands can tailor offers to individuals, nurturing a more engaged and appreciated customer base. It’s a fresh, dynamic take on the classic customer loyalty program.

Creating a web3 loyalty program is an exciting venture. With Underdog Protocol, you embark on a seamless journey from deploying your domain space to unlocking Gmail wallets for your customers. Establish a collection, send out NFTs, and voila - you have a cutting-edge, blockchain-powered loyalty program. It’s not just about paid loyalty programs; it’s about crafting a community where every transaction is a step towards stronger brand loyalty. With Underdog Protocol, we handle the tech , letting you focus on what you do best - rewarding your loyal customers.

Going from traditional to web3 customer loyalty programs is more than a mere upgrade. It’s about fostering a genuine connection with your customers, rewarding them in a way that’s both fun and meaningful. And with Underdog Protocol & Compressed NFTson Solana, it's easy to get started. Make the switch, and take your customer loyalty program to the next level!