Parcl, an RWA platform on Solana, used Underdog's API to enhance user engagement and grow their community. Underdog's API enabled Parcl to reward early adopters with NFTs.


Parcl faced multiple objectives for its DeFi real estate platform: Goals: Reward early users for their engagement and platform usage. Offer access to exclusive communities. Ensure a quick launch within an approximate 2-week timeline. Requirements: Comprehensive NFT management tools for minting, updating, and managing digital assets. Seamless integration with their existing dApp. Minimal engineering resources for quick and effective integration.


API Integration: Underdog's API was seamlessly incorporated into Parcl's dApp, enabling comprehensive NFT management. Dynamic Digital Collectibles: Underdog’s platform allowed the tracking of user trading activity, and the digital collectibles evolved based on user actions. This system made it possible for Parcl to grant various rewards such as NFTs, points, USDC, and more.


The impact of this partnership was substantial: Timeline: Successfully implemented the entire solution within just 2 weeks. User Engagement: Attracted approximately 1,000 visitors to the dApp and increased the number of traders by 245. Further Development: The success gave Parcl the conviction to expand contests and NFT badges. How Underdog Helped: Underdog's Web3 API enabled Parcl to easily integrate NFTs into their platform, requiring minimal engineering resources. Key benefits for Parcl included: Comprehensive NFT management tools. Simplified integration across different products. Enhanced user engagement through customizable rewards and badges. Impressive Results for Real Estate Royale Season 1-3: During the trading contest, Parcl connected with about 9000 wallets. Approximately 25% of these connections converted to traders with over $9.7k in open positions.


Collaborating with Underdog was instrumental in launching the Real Estate Royale campaign. Their user-friendly API enabled us to build efficiently and test quickly about NFT incentives. The success of the #SOLmate campaign validated that this was an effective growth mechanism encouraging us to develop this strategy further. Users enjoyed claiming and evolving their soul-bound NFTs! Tony and Kevin felt like an extension of our team – working around the clock to help us launch in just under 2 weeks of development time

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