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Solana Mobile, the creators of the SAGA Phone, aimed to launch a unique rewards ecosystem for their early adopters with the 'Saga Genesis Token' with Underdog's API.


Solana Mobile, creators of the SAGA Phone, faced a multi-faceted challenge. They aimed to build a unique rewards ecosystem for their early phone adopters within a tight one-month deadline. Specifically, they needed an all-in-one NFT management solution that could: Be integrated directly into their SAGA phones Provide an API for ecosystem partners to verify SAGA ownership Track user activities right within a non-transferable and updatable NFT


Solution Solana Mobile collaborated with Underdog to solve these challenges efficiently. The partnership led to: Integration of Underdog API: Underdog’s API was integrated into the SAGA phones, which enabled the minting of a unique Soulbound NFT for verifying ownership and tracking user activities in the dApp store. Dynamic Collectible Attributes: The Soulbound NFT was designed to update its attributes based on user activities, thereby unlocking various perks and rewards.


The results were groundbreaking for Solana Mobile: Partnerships: Successfully launched their rewards ecosystem with renowned partners like Magic Eden, Audius, and Dialect. NFT Minting: Minted 20,000 out of 20,000 NFTs and introduced a Solana Mobile Welcome Pack for their loyal customers. Rapid Implementation: Completed the integration within a mere 1 week, involving just one Engineer. How Underdog Helped > Underdog's Web3 API facilitated a smooth integration of NFTs into the SAGA phones > Underdog created a storefront for top 1500 referees of the Chapter 2 Pre-order Key benefits include: Streamlined NFT Management: Easy minting and updating of non-transferable NFTs via the Underdog NFT API and Management Dashboard. Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Engagement: By leveraging Underdog's robust features, Solana Mobile not only met their tight deadline but also crafted a compelling rewards ecosystem that greatly boosted customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Solana Mobile

“ “ By using Underdog Protocol, we saved a lot of time. To build out functions within Underdog we had planned 3 Months and 3 Engineers, instead, it only took us a week with 1 engineer. The team is flexible and ready to help when needed, we are happy to work with the Underdog team at Solana Mobil.”

Steven Laver
Engineering Lead, Solana Mobile Stack

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