Dispatch Forums, an on-chain protocol, collaborated with Underdog Protocol to launch Solarplex, a Web3-community social platform on NFT based quests & missions.


Implement NFTs in the Solarplex protocol to gamify user experiences and enhance engagement. Seamlessly integrate these features into the existing Dispatch Forums and Solarplex Protocol. Requirements: Limited need for custom work; the solution should integrate directly into the existing Program + Protocol. Versatility in NFT types to serve different use-cases, such as Soulbound NFTs for profile identification, Compressed NFTs for capturing deeper user insights, and Transferable NFTs for one-time badges and POAPs.


Custom Script: Underdog developed a custom script that gave Solarplex the ability to have update authority over NFTs. Integration & Launch: Both companies successfully launched campaigns using various types of NFTs, including Soulbound and Compressed. Ecosystem Partnerships: The partnership also facilitated collaborations with other ecosystem participants like Superteam, enhancing the overall user experience.


User Engagement: Over 9,000 reactions were minted and more than 1,500 users were onboarded. Platform Growth: Solarplex has emerged as one of the hottest social platforms on Solana. Comprehensive NFT Management: Leveraging Underdog’s API for NFT management, Dispatch Forums has been able to implement a variety of NFT types to serve different use-cases, from profile identification to capturing deeper user insights.


“We only use Underdog Protocol, they power our NFTs and Quests. The team is an extension of ours and we're glad to work with them.”

Viksit Gaur
Founder & CEO

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