Solarplex by Arweave, a social marketplace collaborated with Underdog Protocol to build social on Solana where creators can connect and earn from their communities.


The primary challenge was integrating NFTs into the Solarplex protocol to gamify user experiences and boost engagement at scale. The goal was to enhance the platform's existing capabilities with minimal custom work while accommodating compressed NFTs for their usage and creators they service.


Integrate Underdogs Minting API : Integrated Minting API for all digital assets needs. Creating Compressed NFTs as Rewards for Interactions on Solarplex, Paid Minting for Creators who are on Solarplex, and other initiatives.


Expansive Reach: Achieved a milestone of over 100,000 CNFTs minted, witnessing a remarkable 90% week-over-week growth, with representation across 100+ countries and 900+ cities. Engagement and Retention: Solarplex boasts a strong 14-day retention rate of 74%, underlining the compelling nature of its platform & digital assets. Robust User Base: The platform has attracted 10,000 users, with 1,000 daily active users and 7,000 to 8,000 monthly active users, showcasing its growing appeal. Platform Growth: As one of the most vibrant social platforms on Solana, Solarplex stands out for its comprehensive approach to NFT management, catering to diverse use cases from profile customization to in-depth user engagement insights.


“We only use Underdog Protocol, they power our NFTs and Quests. The team is an extension of ours and we're glad to work with them.”

Viksit Gaur
Founder & CEO

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