Mass Drop NFTs with No-Code

Pick a list, have some USDC/SOL, start sending assets to anybody on-chain

Drop NFTs

Ease of use, ease of mind

Easy to find lists

We curate lists so you don't have to spend time finding wallet addresses/

Fast and cheap

We charge the standard $0.01 per cNFT, do the math, you're spending less than 5 SOL.

Powered by Underdog

We got you, this is powered by our API.

"Underdog has been a pleasure to work with. To launch Solana Genesis Token With Underdog, all we needed was 1 engineer & a week."

Steven Laver, Engineering Lead

Don't struggle to build everything

Get started with NFTs as fast as you can tie your shoes

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Keep NFTs Simple

Eliminate the headaches of using fragmented tools +  the cost of starting from scratch.

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